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Find out below how you can still profit while your competitors lose out

We are living in truly extraordinary times right now…

Our whole way of life is being turned upside down.

People are going to lose jobs, industries are collapsing even as you read this.

Estate agents, letting agents and property developers like yourself are going to struggle to keep their head above water over the coming months and years to come.

Livelihoods are genuinely at stake, both that of business owners and of their employees.

The threat of going out of business or becoming bankrupt has now become very real.

I know, it’s scary isn’t it?

All you want to do is be able to sell or let out your properties but with vendors cancelling viewings you frustratingly cannot get people round to see them.

I know how you feel.  I’ve been speaking with dozens of panicking agents and developers every day who feel exactly the same.

I understand why you’d be worried. I really do. But if you’re reading this right now you are one of the lucky ones…

Hi, My name is Simon,

I’m about to reveal to you how I use the revolutionary “iView Method” to guarantee that estate agents, letting agents and property developers can stay profitable…

… and keep on selling or letting their properties even after we go into lockdown…

I’m doing this because I’m hearing horror stories daily of cowboys taking advantage of good people like yourself by selling crappy, low quality products and services.

Or they are taking advice from clueless “experts” that are never going to help sell your properties.

Now I’ll be honest. I have no idea how long this website is going to be live online.

I’m taking calls from agents and developers every minute about this so if you want to know how to keep your business open then you’re going to want to read everything on this page right now and act quickly or risk missing out.

Give me just a little of your time and very soon you’ll know exactly why I can help your business stay open and profiting through the coming months so you can finally start to feel at ease again like you know you deserve to.

By simply reading this information you’re going to learn…

  • How we increased a recent clients market share by 12%

  • Why most “experts” are 100% wrong in how they produce video tours 
  • How 360 Viewings have been shown to frustrate buyers and lower conversions
  • How video has been proven to convert up to 498% more than images
In November 2011 we first started producing video tours for Watersons Independent Estate Agents. 
Peter Waterson has always tried to stay ahead of the market, which has helped him maintain the market leader status in his area. 
He wanted to use video tours as another means to differentiate his business from his competition, and to help him win, and sell, even more instructions.
Our aim was initially to help Peter increase market share by attracting more vendors.
Market Share Increased by 12% in 10 Months
By the end of September 2012, after 10 months of including iView as part of their standard service, Watersons market share had increased by over 12%. Peter, delighted by the results, explained:
“We’re definitely achieving more viewings on the properties that have videos, which is leading to more sales”
“The other huge benefit is that we’re winning more instructions than the agents who are not offering this service”

Here what some of our other clients have said

Here's a Quick View Of One Of Our Video Tours

Now, With our video tours your properties can be selling while you sleep for sure.

But with the current situation as it is we needed a way for potential buyers to view the properties virtually with our agents..

That’s when when the iView Method was created.

Combining virtual video tours and appointment bookings with agents, potential buyers can view properties in virtual  rooms and ask questions just as they would on a live viewing.

That’s why this is different to anything else out there.

Because we are the only company out there combining the highest level of video tours…

With the ability to book a virtual video tour and go through a viewing with a agent in one of our virtual rooms.

This is the complete jig saw puzzle for selling houses or properties “virtually” in the current climate.

It’s amazing really isn’t it? 

Just when you thought there was no hope of carrying on your business you found this solution. 

A way for you to still sell properties even without being present (physically anyway)

Oh and by the way, did you know you can use the video and upload them to you social platforms and get thousands of views and shares?

Even adding them to your website can improve your rankings in Google!

Now, I know that there are thousands of people just like you that the iView Method  can help.

I’m so excited to be able to save businesses with this and give vendors and buyers the opportunity to carry on with life normally.

It’s my duty to share this with as many people as possible so they can still be profitable going forward.

It’s scary to think that so many businesses are going to go under because of what’s going on in the world.

And it’s not even your fault that this is happening.

It’s no wonder you were worried when up until a few minutes ago you had no idea how your business could survive.

The iView Method is exactly what we needed right now. The ability to provide virtual viewings using high quality video tours is essential

It’s a privilege to be able to give you the opportunity to become one of the few people in the UK who really know how to survive in the current climate using the iView Method.

Using the breakthrough iView Method you’ll be amazed how easy it is to view properties with your buyers.

You’ll feel relieved that you can still work and provide a service for your clients.

Using this unique method you’ll be able to:

  • Set up viewings from anywhere
  • Sell properties while you are sleeping
  • Increase your social media reach
  • Be seen as a leader in your industry

How this breakthrough approach can potentially save your business.

Now, with everything I’ve talked about today…

How it will help benefit you and your clients and keep you afloat…

You’re probably braced for a hefty price tag.

And to be honest it probably should have one.  But I want to help out as much as I can as we are living in unprecedented times right now.

Many businesses are gong to go under but if I can help one industry then I will.

Many other companies are charging three times more than the price of this unique service…

And that’s WITHOUT the ability to attend and host virtual viewings which the iView Method incorporates.

Literally Anyone Can afford this.

Let me ask you a question?

What would you pay to solve this problem so you could carry on working in your business and doing viewings from the comfort of your home?

I’ve had people say that they would pay £1,000 for this service…

But don’t worry. You won’t have to pay anything like that.

In fact, you won’t even have to pay £500,

If you sign up today and block book five properties, you’re going to be able to gain access for a one off fee of only £250/property

With the iView system system you’ll be able to:

  • Ability to host private or public virtual viewings with buyers
  • Give buyers 24/7 access to videos
  • Upload to social media for thousands of shares and likes
  • Use on your website for google search rankings

One last thing before you take the positive next step of signing up to the system.

The way I see it you’re at a crossroads now…

You can choose to stay where you are and risk losing out on sales by not signing up to this unique system…

Or,  to try out my proven, breakthrough iView Method for showing homes virtually.

You’ll see how this is the missing link that is left out of other solutions.

So, to sign up just click the button below and enter your details to book a call.

Our agent, Steve will call you to arrange a demo of the system and to answer any last minute questions you have before purchasing.

You have nothing to lose.

Kind Regards,


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